Why Us?

At Celebration Plans we are truly independent and not tied to any funeral plan provider.

Everyone's needs and situation are different, leaving us well placed to recommend a plan and provider that matches your requirement and is therefore right for you, based on your unique circumstances.

As we are independent we have no bias to any plan provider, so it is purely your requirement that is influencing our recommendation.

Plan prices vary based on a number of factors, whether you prefer cremation or burial if you have your own lair, the type of service you require, chapel of rest viewing, family limousines if you require finance and whether you plan to move area etc.

You may have a special request or want a coffin upgrade or perhaps white doves, maybe a piper? So it really is vital that we have as much information as possible in your consultation to tick all the boxes, therefore allowing us to select the best possible plan that fits for you.

Why not arrange a free consultation today so we can give you an accurate quote?

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